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Lost: My Mom
When: October 18, 2007

Not really sure what to write other than I miss her a lot… for as much as we fought and argued with each other, I still miss her. There may have been many things that we never did see eye to eye on, but she was/is still my mother, nothing can ever change that.
I’ve had many of my friends approach me and say that any time I need to talk about this, that they will be there… one of them being a certified Grief Counselor that worked ground zero during 9/11. But I find myself not really wanting to talk to them, I have this deep-seated feeling that if I do, it would change the fundamental nature of the relationships that I have with them.
I guess that this whole thing has changed SO many aspects of my life; I would like some of the things that I had (pre-event) to remain the same… even if it is illusionary.

Does it ever get easier to carry this?

Will the pain lessen?

Does talking help?
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