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survivors of suicide

for those who have lost someone to suicide

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support for those who have lost friends and loved ones to suicide
this community is for those who have lost someone to suicide, be it a friend, family, or a loved one.

ideally, this community exists solely as a support group. but some rules are unfortunately necessary:

- rudeness will not be tolerated. all comments found offensive or off topic will be promptly deleted and the offending user banned. i have zero tolerance on this.

- please try to avoid off topic posting and excessive cross-posting.

- any posts dealing with detailed descriptions of methods, or questions on methods MUST be behind an lj-cut. if the post is not, it will be deleted.

- this is a community for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. it is not a community for those who have attempted and/or are experiencing suicidal thoughts.
there are very many wonderful livejournal communities devoted to helping and supporting those suffering from depression and suicidal tendencies. if you are suffering from suicidal thoughts or fighting with depression please visit: depression

maintained/moderated by:comearoundruby

(please direct all questions, comments or concerns to comearoundruby, i promise that i am in actuality very nice and will be happy to help.)